The People of St Paul’s

The Cathedral Chapter, Minor Canons, Synod Representatives and Cathedral Officers

  • The Archbishop: The Most Reverend Dr Philip Freier
    Archbishop's Stall
  • The Dean: The Very Revd Dr Andreas Loewe
    Dean's Stall
  • The Right Reverend Genieve Blackwell
    Chapter Stall of St Columba
  • The Right Reverend Paul White
    Chapter Bishop's Stall
  • The Reverend Canon Dr Peter Adam
    Chapter Stall of the Venerable Bede
  • The Reverend Canon Richard Trist
    Chapter Stall of St Jerome
  • The Reverend Canon Dr Ray Cleary AM
    Chapter Stall of St David
  • The Venerable Dr Richard Condie
    Chapter Stall of St Boniface
  • The Venerable Neil Hicks
    Chapter Stall of St Aidan
  • The Reverend Canon Professor Dorothy Lee FAHA
    Chapter Stall of St Alban
  • The Reverend Canon Dr Colleen O’Reilly
    Chapter Stall of St Patrick
  • The Reverend Canon Rosemary Maries
    Chapter Stall of St Augustine 
  • The Reverend Canon Robert Vun
    Chapter Stall of St Ignatius
  • Lay Canon Campbell Bairstow
    Chapter Stall of St Luke 
  • Lay Canon Chris Foley (Chapter Treasurer)
    Chapter Stall of St Peter
  • Lay Canon Rick Tudor OAM
    Chapter Stall of Bishop Charles Perry
  • Lay Canon Leigh Mackay
    Chapter Stall of Bishop John Patteson 
  • Lay Canon Sally Petty
    Chapter Stall of Bishop Richard Hooker
  • Lay Canon Colin Reilly
    Chapter Stall of Bishop George Augustus Selwyn
  • Lay Canon Chancellor Michael Shand QC
    Chapter Stall of St Paul
  • Lay Canon Professor Peter Sherlock (Chapter Clerk)
    Chapter Stall of St Stephen

Congregational Chapter Representatives
  • Associate Professor Kate Drummond MD
  • Mr Rob Deutscher
  • Mr Neil Farbridge-Currie MICCA

Cathedral (Minor) Canons
  • The Precentor, the Revd Canon Heather Patacca
    Precentor's Stall
  • The Canon Pastor, the Revd Canon Dr Ruth Redpath AO
    Stall of St John
  • The Revd Canon James Brady
    Stall of Bishop Moorhouse
Synod Representatives
  • The Dean
  • The Precentor
  • The Cathedral Curate
  • The Reverend Jill Firth
  • Professor Bruce Thompson
  • Mrs Marilyn Faithfull
  • Mrs Jenny Ligett